#UndeniablyUnique – my self-contentment tag

Hey y’all. I’m here seeking 1,000,000 waffles in exchange for 100% support for my tag Undeniably Unique (ABC’s Shark Tank). This tag is for everybody who believe that they’re useless because they are fat or black or gay or a woman or a transgender or something like that, when they’re an asset to the society. And I’m here to tell you that those cheesy Internet quotes you searched won’t help. Giving your attention to this here post and the message behind it might do the trick will change your perspective.

All you got to do is tag a bunch of people, enough to spread the word, and ask them to write a post on this topic and link it to this post, so that we can see the progress created.

Folks, life is not always rainbows and roses. And let’s face it, sometimes we reach a point where the thorns are going beyond deep. That’s where this tag can help. I want to make a difference in the world and even if this post can reach five people who realize they’re more than just a transgender or that big is beautiful or helps someone know their value, then I can die a happy Ally 😉 (Seriously, tho, please spread the word).

I believe that people are not born to be labeled. Somebody of a plus size does NOT belong in the category ‘fat’ or ‘obese’. They belong in the land of no-categories because there simply isn’t anybody else who can describe how gorgeous they are or as unique as they are.

Maybe you’re right, tho. We all are the same in one way.

We’re all undeniably, fearfully, wonderfully, beautifully and undeniably unique.

I tag everyone who reads this post. Bloggers may comment below/pingback to this post and share their link, and non-bloggers may use the sharing buttons to spread the word.

Lotsa hope for the progress ❤



Feminism. Empowerment. For. Everybody.

Oh. My. God. Sexism is something that I am FRICKIN’ feeling like using the Infinity Gauntlet against right now and forever. Great that you brought this to our attention. Maryam! ❤ ❤ ❤

The greatest lesson a woman should learn:Bouquet_02

‘I’d tap that white ass.’

There’s this boy in my grade who has become quite notorious, or at least in my eyes, for his digusting, objectifying comments about women, about girls. He’s in my maths class, so I end up hearing a lot of what he has to say. He has a friend who thinks it’s funny to make rude motions behind the the teachers’ back. He must admire him, because he started doing it too.

I was in line one day last week, waiting to go to my english class. He was behind me, a tall, looming, big, maori boy. Not that I really cared. I was having a conversation with a good male friend when he suddenly stopped talking, and laughed. Some sort of disbelief mixed with genuine laughter. “Do you know what so and so is doing behind you?” I turn around. He’s just standing there. I…

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The Sisterhood Tag

YOLO, amigos! This is yet another award/tag and I was nominated by the fabulous Cee. For all you mood-swingy peeps (including moi 😉 ) who need some girl boss in their life, go check out her blog!

The Rules

  • You must have the same featured image as what I have, the font, size and color of the title be of your choice
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and link this original post
  • Answer the following scenarios
  • Nominate a minimum of at least 3 bloggers
  • Give at least 5 scenarios of your own
  • Answer everything as best as you can!

Cee’s Cee-Narios (get it?)

You are casually just sitting in a park eating some yogurt when a 9-year-old kid approaches you and asks to be your apprentice. She seems so willing to learn all that you know- your favorites hobbies, goals in life. What’s the first thing you’ll teach her?

To be herself. If she wants to learn everything I know, it’s possible she’ll be my mini clone and I don’t want that. I’ll tell her that she’s the most amazing person and that she should believe in herself and her dreams.

It’s recess time in school and you’re busy reviewing for the test to be conducted during the next period. The person you hate suddenly greets you and asks if she could borrow the homework you did for 3 hours last night. Do you lend it to her?

Yeah, of course…NOT! Like, OMG, what am I, spineless? 😉  JK  I wouldn’t give it to her, but I’ll explain it to her very nicely.

Let’s go with the classic. You’re looking for something very important in the attic. You find a dirty gold oil lamp. You decided to clean it with a cloth and a genie suddenly appears, offering you three wishes. What would the three wishes be?

Good grades, an iPhone X and health and love to my loved ones.

Your scientist cousin asked for your help with the time machine he was working on for his science project. He then tells you that you’re going to be the test subject and that you’re going to have to choose where you want to be transported to. Which one would you choose, the past or the future?

The past. I’d like to ‘awwww!’ at my baby self

You’re in the mall when you encounter a group of girls from the same school/workplace as you. You hear them talking about your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend and her negative attributes. Would you join in?

Nope. The end.

Ma Nominees



Ragazza Triste

Scenarios by Ally

  1. You are at a cafe with your friend when you see your lifelong enemy coming at you. She hears you whining about not being able to buy a mocha, then she buys one for you. Do you take it? Why or why not?
  2. You have a diary that you’ve kept your whole life. Now, your close friend threatens to break your friendship unless you show her. Now, this diary has a lot of unpleasant stuff about her, especially during your rare fights. What do you do?
  3. Your friend came over to your house and the two of you do a lot of Musical.lys on her phone. For your birthday, though, she posted the weirdest one of you on Instagram, but with a sweet caption, and it’s garnered a lot of mixed comments. What’s your reaction?
  4. You posted a really exciting post on your blog, telling that you’ve got *insert number* followers. However, another blogger accuses you of bragging, badmouths you to a lot of people and even writes a critical post about it. What do you tell that blogger?
  5. You get a new boyfriend and he really likes everything about you, except the part where you continuously *insert your hobby*. You like him a lot, but you can’t live without *same hobby*. Tell him what you feel.

It was super fun doing this, Cee! Thanks again!


2 Broke Girls + Kat Dennings’ Blog!

What up, guys? This must be some sorta record because this is my third post today! And the title must intrigue you, amirite? *yes, you are*


Well, don’t kill me, but I’ve only started watching 2 Broke Girls very recently. Lemme tell you, I am hooked. Like, as hooked as bait on the end of a fish hook 😉 And as I usually do, I ramble on about my new bae, but also blend into the creepy stalker neighborhood as one of its own 🙂 I did a lot of research *cough stalking cough* about Caroline Channing (the blonde, played by Beth Behrs) and Max Black (the brunette, played by Kat Dennings). They’re like 30-something and really great actresses ❤

Anyway, hitting ‘kat dennings’ on Google led me to The List and it told me a lot (like I said, creepy stalker neighborhood). She was homeschooled, couldn’t watch TV, but something common between her and, umm…US?

She blogs.

Yeah, pause for a sec. Here I’m generously giving you time to do your dance on how crazy that is.


Here’s the link to her blog. It’s a good one and if you ever get to talk to her, put in my name, woncha?

Ally x



Bye Pain!

A few tips from Always UK on ways to help relieving menstrual cramps…

Menstrual cramps are a total pain. They can double you over and ruin your day. But not if you know a few smart (and comfy) moves and how to relieve period pain.

What are period pains? Menstrual pains are you feeling your uterus (womb) contract to shed its lining. Pretty amazing, even if it doesn’t feel so great.

How to relieve period pain

    1. Exercise and stretch.

It loosens up your muscles and helps to provide period pain relief.

    1. Rub your lower tummy.

That helps to relax the muscles and provides period pain relief.

    1. Medicate.

Try an over-the-counter pain reliever to relieve period pain. These medicines can help to relieve period pain. If you’re a teen, make sure to get the parental stamp of approval first.

    1. Fortify.

Vitamin B1 or magnesium supplements may reduce period pain, bloating and other PMS symptoms. (You know the parental approval deal).

    1. Heat things up.

Take a warm bath or find a heating pad for your lower belly or back. A little heat goes a long way to reducing the effects of your menstrual pains.

Still In Pain?If you’ve tried all these ideas, have taken pain relief and you still feel a lot of period pain, it may be time to talk to someone about what are period pains and what are more serious issues, and how to treat them. Book an appointment with your doctor. Make sure to take any menstrual cycle charts and food diaries you’ve recorded, and tell them about any medications, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins or mineral supplements you’re taking.

Hope it was helpful!


Religion or Relationship?

This is, surprisingly, my first Christian post…or rather reblog. I’ve been mentioning this lady (K.A.) for quite some time, but now you guys should head on over to a group blog praising the Lord Jesus – the YLFC blog. I’ve mentioned it here and it’s the greatest blog I’ve come across; so pretty and insightful, too.

Young Ladies for Christ


If you said I was born into a Christian family, that would be true.

But could you say that I was therefore born a Christian? Absolutely not!

When I was young, I “became a Christian”. Once I was nine or so, and actually understood (mostly) the faith, I renewed my salvation and faith. Now I don’t mean that as in “I believe that you have to re-say the prayer every three years to stay a Christian”, I just hadn’t fully known what being a Christian was. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized it’s not enough to believe just because your family does. You have to seek it out yourself. You can’t simply believe it because “they” do, you must “own” it, in a sense. You must truly be able to say “this is what I know and believe to be true.” You must call your faith your own and really…

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Disgraceful Beauty Standards on Women Imposed by the Media!

So, here’s another post of mine…I’ve basically lost count of how many posts I’ve done this summer. Does that make me bomb or bomb? Probably makes me a dude with memory loss… 😉

Anyways, this post is featuring Elm, Shay and the rest of the dark-skinned peeps – me included! Click the post, read and get involved and let’s raise that finger (I normally am not this mean, I just get inwardly infuriated) and show peeps what we think!

Also, if these kinda stuff makes you riled up, check out the Odyssey Online post about beauty not a duty!


Just Call Me Elm or Something


I’m delighted to have the wonderful Shay (you can find the link to her blog at the bottom of this post) as a guest poster on my blog! She’s written a highly thought-provoking piece, challenging beauty ideals and stereotypes in the media! I Shan’t say anymore; I’ll leave her words to do the talking.

It was a real honour to have you here again! I can’t wait to write my own post for your blog, although it’ll be hard to match the articulation and powerful arguments that you presented here! Writing like this is the reason I admire Bloggers like Shay so much.

According to Wikipedia, the feminine beauty ideal is “the socially constructed notion that physical attractiveness is one of women’s most important assets, and something all women should strive to achieve and maintain.”

Excuse my French but I call bullshit.


This notion is based on heteronormative…

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