#UndeniablyUnique – my self-contentment tag

Hey y’all. I’m here seeking 1,000,000 waffles in exchange for 100% support for my tag Undeniably Unique (ABC’s Shark Tank). This tag is for everybody who believe that they’re useless because they are fat or black or gay or a woman or a transgender or something like that, when they’re an asset to the society. And I’m here to tell you that those cheesy Internet quotes you searched won’t help. Giving your attention to this here post and the message behind it might do the trick will change your perspective.

All you got to do is tag a bunch of people, enough to spread the word, and ask them to write a post on this topic and link it to this post, so that we can see the progress created.

Folks, life is not always rainbows and roses. And let’s face it, sometimes we reach a point where the thorns are going beyond deep. That’s where this tag can help. I want to make a difference in the world and even if this post can reach five people who realize they’re more than just a transgender or that big is beautiful or helps someone know their value, then I can die a happy Ally 😉 (Seriously, tho, please spread the word).

I believe that people are not born to be labeled. Somebody of a plus size does NOT belong in the category ‘fat’ or ‘obese’. They belong in the land of no-categories because there simply isn’t anybody else who can describe how gorgeous they are or as unique as they are.

Maybe you’re right, tho. We all are the same in one way.

We’re all undeniably, fearfully, wonderfully, beautifully and undeniably unique.

I tag everyone who reads this post. Bloggers may comment below/pingback to this post and share their link, and non-bloggers may use the sharing buttons to spread the word.

Lotsa hope for the progress ❤



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