Father’s Day// A Prayer

Dear Lord,

Today is Father’s Day. It’s a day to remember the specialness of the man who has sacrificed a lot in order to help us. My father. He’s an amazing person and I thank you for sending him to me. I love you, Papa.

Throughout my entire almost-fourteen years, you have helped him guide me and Emily, cherish my mom for the wonderfulness she is and take him through the tough times. Even though he doesn’t have someone to show him what to do anymore, I pray that he’s able to become just like his own father.

Father’s Day, Lord, is actually quite needed. Though people will say,  we don’t need a special day for our fathers when they’re always respected, at times we are bad enough to forget that. I’m sorry if I hurt him in anyway, and I do promise to be better.

At this poignant time, I also pray for those without fathers like Starr and Evie Clair. They must feel ever so lonely, but they’re loved and their fathers are at their happiest place.

And I conclude right now, wishing all the fathers out there a happy Daddies’ Day.

In Jesus’ name I pray,



100 Followers + 4th Monthversary


Okay, just had to get that off my chest, because I’m…


Why am I screaming? Oh, only because I HAVE A HUNDRED FOLLOWERS! And I have been blogging for four months, and boy, am I ever so grateful to all of you! ❤ ❤ ❤ By this time at my old blog, I only had eight follows and this is (mathematically speaking) 12.5 times that! Yasss!

Let us check out my stats, shall we?


Annual Site Stats

Total posts: 41

Total comments: 496

Total likes: 552

Total words: 9574

With 100 WP followers and 4 email-followers, I literally cannot begin to describe how thankful I am. You guys are amazing and the bombest set of peeps I ever knew.

*raising a waffle in the air*

Here’s to my wonderful squad!



Mukta’s Guest Post

Hey hey! This is the very first post by one of my peeps Mukta. She’s the creativity behind ma blog (everything fancy’s by her xD). So, in our emails, we did a sort of swap. I gave her a testimonial for her fab designing site in exchange for a guest post for my blog. And here it is! PRESENTING MUKTA ANJAL! *cue opera voices*  In bold are my questions she answered from here, her answers are regular, my sidenotes are in italics.

Are you a Taylor Swift fan?
Taylor Swift is great! I’m not obsessed but I think she’s pretty cool. 😉 (Yeah, I’m not obsessed either now)

Name three songs you heart.

Feel It Still (Portugal Man)
Just Like Fire (P!nk)
Saturn (Sleeping At Last) (I haven’t heard any of them except Just Like Fire, which is a really nice song 🙂 )

What’s your age? (optional)

Most I can say is that I’m a teenager, because I prefer not to reveal my age. 🙂 (It’s chill <3)

Describe yourself as a house and why.
I’m a messy house, cramped up with emotions I don’t understand, but with a quiet little garden full of the beautiful thoughts I’ve collected and bookshelves lined with stories of my times. Haha, I think I got carried away. 😛 (Wow, I would love to stay in that kinda house then xD)

Who’s your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D. and why?
Lol, I’ve only heard about F.R.I.E.N.D.S! I’ve never come close to watching it… do you recommend it? (Do I recommend it? Hell yeah!)

Are you a cat person or a dog person?
I’m not an animal person in general. -_- But dogs, I guess, if I have to choose. (Yay! I prefer kittens, but hey, this is your post 😉 )

Your go-to outfit?
Half my wardrobe is guys’ clothes. There’s literally nothing I’d normally wear in the girls’ section. XD
Well, on any given day, you’d find me in a cargo capri or a polo tee, a hoodie, a black wristwatch and sports sandals. (LOL, yet you have a LOT of feminine flair)

Who’s your celeb idol?
Emma Watson! (Aah, me too!)

Name a WordPress blog you are crazy about.
A Light in the Darkness. I never get tired of this blog. Or Stars and Stories. Gaaahhh I can’t choose! (I love these blogs too!)

Who was the last person you texted (name optional) and about what?
My best friend, who happens to be a complete weirdo. XD (Mukie means me, by the way)


Yep. We’re crazy. (Oh, like me and my friends aren’t. This is basically how we text 😉 )
Grab the nearest book you find, open it to the fifteenth chapter, fourteenth line, ninth word and tell me (if the line has less than nine words, go to the next line).

Stood. Yeah, not amusing, I know.
That was from The Immortals of Meluha. It’s a good one! (I’ll check it out…)

Thank you soo much for having me, Ally! ❤

The Social Media Blog Tag

Hey hey! I wasn’t nominated for this, but I’ve wanted to do this tag for the longest time and then, to my joy, I noticed that anyone who wishes to do the tag can do so! I saw this post by Ash @ Call Me Ash and decided to do it ASAP 😋

The rules.

  1. Thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Choose a blog or blogger per category and explain why you chose them.
  3. Tag others to do this (up to you how many).

This is literally my face to the first rule: 😶  Though you didn’t nominate me, thanks Ash!



This is definitely the thing for my blogger-friend Mukta of Born Free, who has a really beautiful blog, self-designed, of course, and did I mention completely bomb? She’s super artistic and humble to the core. You’re my Instagram, M!


I have conversed with many bloggers and just cause I didn’t tag you doesn’t mean you ain’t friendly (please, I’m a shy person and don’t want emails of hate 😱). For this, I’m choosing…🕵️‍♀️ Eleanor from Pointe To Christ! She’s such a bubbly person, with a really nice blog (BTW, nice blog update!) and that’s the reason I nominated her.


I heart Simple Ula and her wonderful blog which has something for every occasion. She writes about her life experiences and I’ve used her posts to help me one too many times, so much so that I practically get asked from which parent I get such bomb manners from! 🤑 And a quick congratulations to her for getting married! So happy for you!


For this category, I tag another blogger-friend (okay, now I’m just gonna call them peeps, cause I heart simplicity) Rageshree from Fantasylife. She writes really relatable posts and has me going wait, haven’t I gone through this crap before? 🤣 Yeah, she’s a great blogger and really approachable and the blog, yes, does keep me entertained. I do recall a day of blogging entirely spent on her blog.


And this one goes to…Hideaway Girl by Astrid! I don’t think I can wait for her next post, but my urge to ask her is stifled by the mournful news of her exams😢 so I guess just will have to wait for another one. She posts about her life and her feelings and seems like a responsible blogger. 🙂


Girl Illustrated is a blog done by a girl with my same name. She posts about basically everything. She also has a really beautiful blog, but she’s catching on in the blogosphere 😉 Yay! Go Ally (all of the Allies)! 🤘


This is for Shay who came all the way from her planet to Earth🌎 to be a part of our blogosphere. Her blog is super creative and funny and inspires moi to get real and be real. Though Ally is a fake alias I created, I do hope the rest of Ally is a 100% real.

I tag all who came above and those who feel like doing this tag. This is your girl, Ally, signing off.

Ally xx

#UndeniablyUnique – my self-contentment tag

Hey y’all. I’m here seeking 1,000,000 waffles in exchange for 100% support for my tag Undeniably Unique (ABC’s Shark Tank). This tag is for everybody who believe that they’re useless because they are fat or black or gay or a woman or a transgender or something like that, when they’re an asset to the society. And I’m here to tell you that those cheesy Internet quotes you searched won’t help. Giving your attention to this here post and the message behind it might do the trick will change your perspective.

All you got to do is tag a bunch of people, enough to spread the word, and ask them to write a post on this topic and link it to this post, so that we can see the progress created.

Folks, life is not always rainbows and roses. And let’s face it, sometimes we reach a point where the thorns are going beyond deep. That’s where this tag can help. I want to make a difference in the world and even if this post can reach five people who realize they’re more than just a transgender or that big is beautiful or helps someone know their value, then I can die a happy Ally 😉 (Seriously, tho, please spread the word).

I believe that people are not born to be labeled. Somebody of a plus size does NOT belong in the category ‘fat’ or ‘obese’. They belong in the land of no-categories because there simply isn’t anybody else who can describe how gorgeous they are or as unique as they are.

Maybe you’re right, tho. We all are the same in one way.

We’re all undeniably, fearfully, wonderfully, beautifully and undeniably unique.

I tag everyone who reads this post. Bloggers may comment below/pingback to this post and share their link, and non-bloggers may use the sharing buttons to spread the word.

Lotsa hope for the progress ❤


Feminism. Empowerment. For. Everybody.

Oh. My. God. Sexism is something that I am FRICKIN’ feeling like using the Infinity Gauntlet against right now and forever. Great that you brought this to our attention. Maryam! ❤ ❤ ❤

The greatest lesson a woman should learn:Bouquet_02

‘I’d tap that white ass.’

There’s this boy in my grade who has become quite notorious, or at least in my eyes, for his digusting, objectifying comments about women, about girls. He’s in my maths class, so I end up hearing a lot of what he has to say. He has a friend who thinks it’s funny to make rude motions behind the the teachers’ back. He must admire him, because he started doing it too.

I was in line one day last week, waiting to go to my english class. He was behind me, a tall, looming, big, maori boy. Not that I really cared. I was having a conversation with a good male friend when he suddenly stopped talking, and laughed. Some sort of disbelief mixed with genuine laughter. “Do you know what so and so is doing behind you?” I turn around. He’s just standing there. I…

View original post 767 more words

The Real Neat Blog Award

Hey y’all! I was just roaming around town the Internet and saw this super amazing blog called Girl Illustrated. She has twelve followers (which is kinda sad, considering how bombingly awesome her blog is 😦 ) Go give some huge love ❤ to the blogger, Ally! yay, me…oh, I mean, the other Ally. Anyway, I’m just rambling on like I always do, so let’s just jump right in!

The Rules Are…

  1. Publish this on your blog after answering all the questions.
  2. Put the picture (ma featured image) in your post.
  3. Thank the nominator and who made this award (IDK!).
  4. Answer the questions.
  5. Nominate bloggers and give them another set of questions.

Let us begin, shall we?

  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Snacks, chocolates and candy are obviously food ok. And of course, my first question would be about food😂

WAFFLES! ‘Kay, if you don’t know me, Ally, I heart waffles. Anybody who follows me knows that. Waffles are my bae, ya get me?

  • If you could swap lives with anyone, who would it be? Person can be dead, alive or fictional. Go crazy.

Lizzy Greene. I admire her sense of sass and her YouTube is something I can watch on repeat.

  • What is the one thing you can never commit to no matter how hard you’ve tried?

Eating a chocolate with coconut.

  • What makes you happy? Well, whatever it is keep doing it more😊

Blogging, reading, writing, being with family and friends…

  • If you had the power to stop and change one,only one , problem in our society/world, what would it be?


Le Nominees


Baffled Mum

Simple Ula


Ma Questions

  1. What is the thing you want to lead people for (eg;anti-sexism)?
  2. What is the one question you want to be answered?
  3. What is a quote you want to live by?
  4. What inspired you to blog?

Ciao adios, I’m done!

Ally x