Hello! {First Post on The Youngblood Writers}

My crappy intro…but hey, it’s a start! #TheYoungbloodWriters

The Youngblood Writers

Hey everybody! Welcome to this blog here! *okay, I really don’t know why I’m full-on exclaiming stuff* I’m Ally from the blog Cute But Awkward and I’m actually super excited to be doing the first post of The Youngblood Writers. Honestly, I don’t what to write, but I promise I will get my shit together from my next post onwards 😀 but I’m sure my mates will make it up for me in their intro posts.

Would you excuse me for a sec, I just have to facepalm xD

Love, Ally

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Inhale. Exhale.

In all of our super busy lives, we always have time for another selfie to post as our story (that don’t come out good? Delete and repeat), always have time to search for that relatable tweet to post and always have time to say, “Not now, *insert close relative/friend name* I’m super busy.” And then (and this is a bit sadder) we always have time to spend the night crying over what we haven’t done. Repeat that 365 times and I think I have nailed at least 30% of my followers’ year.

Let’s try something new.

Take a deep breath. Think of the worst stuff, all the memories that hurt, what makes you cry; all icky stuff, so to speak. Done? Now breathe out. Let out all the pain and hurt go with the flow, right out of your system. Breathe in again. Nothing but life-giving oxygen enters into your mind, so your mind is basically blank now. Exhale. Now your mind is blank. *cue white noise*

Inhale and think of all the good stuff, that new makeup kit you got, your baby’s first word when your company became #7835 instead of #8000 YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, not others, that long-lost friend you bumped into, a new car. Thought of it all? Now imagine yourself closing the door on that before you let out breath. Exhale now. Think of yourself sticking a post-it on that door, on it written:

Nothing but this matters. Don't you forget that.

And now, you go outside, giving people zero crap and doing something you loved and started to love what you do. Because that post-it is forever reminding you that you’re blessed and can always feel happy. And at the end of the day, you should remember what I’m about to tell you:

you matter.


How did this post make you feel?

Ally ❤

July Planning Be Like…

Hello! Can you believe its already FREAKING July?! I mean JULY aka the SEVENTH MONTH of 2018 is HERE! Time doesn’t stand still, Christina Perri!

Lemme chill now.

Being in the blogosphere for almost half a year now, led me to observe the plain difference between experienced and inexperienced bloggers (such as myself :)). The experienced ones always plan what posts and things they do monthly, so as to track their progress and let others know about their accomplishments, too. So, for the first time in forever five months (not quite, but still) *cue dramatic music*

Imma do some crappy planning.


And if I have more, I will edit this and you may read it!

XO, Ally

Bloggers Support Bloggers

So one fine day, I was just checking the amazing blog of Elm, when saw a new post called Bloggers Support Bloggers Challenge. Scrolling down to read the beautiful things she wrote about each nominee, I screamed with joy when I saw my name there. She wrote something really beautiful about each person, seriously go check it out immediately. She’s a legend, that girl, really.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who tagged you and be sure to link their blog site!
  • Add the official photo to your post.
  • List at least five bloggers you like. It can be bloggers you’ve known for a long time but, be sure to add a couple newbies in there too! This is all about spreading love and encouragement so don’t be afraid to step outside your friend group, please!
  • In five sentences or above, give a short description about why you love that blogger.
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers to do this challenge down below.
  • Put #bloggerssupportbloggers in the Tags section so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find!


Astrid from Hideaway Girl

I have a lot to say about Astrid. She was one of the first bloggers  the first blogger I read during the time of the scrapping of my  first blog and this one. I totally love her blog and the posts are written very wonderfully. And another thing, her GCSEs are over! Yes, finally! I’m telling you, I was bloggingly dying without my daily dose of HG.

Starr from Untold Constellations

Starr is a very nice person. I’m just gonna say that straight up, because niceness defines her. To every single comment, she replies with a heart, a smile or a thank you. I support her whole-heartedly ❤ plus her emails are very bubbly-toned 😉 I think you all should go give her some love, because she’s nice and I’m nice xD and she deserves it.

Tanisha from Rationality is not Me

As I’ve mention 684,319 times, Mukta has done the fancies of my blog and I love it. I was browsing to see her further artistics on her portfolio one day and saw a really catchy blog name, which was as sprightly as it claims to be. That was Rationality is Not Me, by Tanisha. I really like her blog and I bet you would too!

Cee from Raging Dumpling (now Misfit Wanders)

Cee is one of the most relatable and funny bloggers I’ve come across. I mean, just use this post for example, when she nominated me for the Sisterhood tag. Look at that cute and hilarious GIF right there! 😂 Cracks me up. Seriously, if you’re feeling sad as how you’d be feeling, then go to her blog for some LOLs. Plus, I ❤ your new blog name and design!

Maryam from Infinitely A Day Dreamer

IDK how I found out Maryam’s humble little corner of the Internet, but boy, am I glad I did. She’s a great feminist, a wonderful blogger and again, super humble. She’s a little piece of bloggin’ heaven that, in a few words, I think I’ve explained quite okay, but I’m just gonna stop talking and let her show you her brilliance on her blog.

Ally from Girl Illustrated

Great minds names do think alike! I really ❤ Ally’s wonderful posts, always so relatable, LOL and well, teenagerish. She’s, like, in tenth grade in India, and that’s always pretty hard, but she keeps a good mind and funny heart and starts posting such amazeballs things, it’s hard to not to follow 😉


Thanks again for nominating me, Elm! ❤




Amazing {Short Story}

Funnily enough, I was watching season 5, episode 4 of 2 Broke Girls right now and it was about the LGBTQ+ community! In this one, a transgender called ‘I’ orders a lot of cupcakes, to put, umm, something, in them. Caroline didn’t feel comfortable selling cupcakes to him and Max tells her to chill and to bag (the cupcakes). ‘I’ hears it differently, gets offended and bad-Yelps Max’s Homemade Cupcakes (which I found out, there is a WordPress blog for!)

Anyways, I’ve written a small story about someone of that community, the first post in the #UndeniablyUnique tag. Hope you heart it ❤

Is it that obvious? My jacket is black with pink pompoms, but does that give everything away? I keep turning back looking at my back, wondering if my identity is written in neon lights on it. It’s a scary world out there, that’s what everyone keeps saying, but they really don’t know what it’s like.

“Hi Matty.” I see my barista at the local coffee shop. People say that because we “look” alike, we’re friends. But I just felt nothing but good vibes from him the day we met. His husband’s also a great guy and makes really nice mac and cheese 🙂

Matty gives me my strawberry mocha and others give me weird looks. Am I one of them? Am I somebody different?

And the truth is…well, yes, I am.

We’re all different. Me especially, what being a transgender and all. But yeah, that’s life. Listen to me, people will ALWAYS give you weird looks. When you stand out, they despise you. When you’re famous, they envy you. When you aren’t, they sneer at you.

You just have to be thick-skinned and do and be with what and who you love. No matter who you might be or look like or love, you just have to run out and go do you. No one can change who you are, and they shouldn’t be able to.

Here’s a pink pompom. Give it to somebody who needs it and say, go do you.

Cause you’re amazing, just the way you are. ~ Bruno Mars


Father’s Day// A Prayer

Dear Lord,

Today is Father’s Day. It’s a day to remember the specialness of the man who has sacrificed a lot in order to help us. My father. He’s an amazing person and I thank you for sending him to me. I love you, Papa.

Throughout my entire almost-fourteen years, you have helped him guide me and Emily, cherish my mom for the wonderfulness she is and take him through the tough times. Even though he doesn’t have someone to show him what to do anymore, I pray that he’s able to become just like his own father.

Father’s Day, Lord, is actually quite needed. Though people will say,  we don’t need a special day for our fathers when they’re always respected, at times we are bad enough to forget that. I’m sorry if I hurt him in anyway, and I do promise to be better.

At this poignant time, I also pray for those without fathers like Starr and Evie Clair. They must feel ever so lonely, but they’re loved and their fathers are at their happiest place.

And I conclude right now, wishing all the fathers out there a happy Daddies’ Day.

In Jesus’ name I pray,